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Coon hunting

Well its been a long wait but its finally here and boy am i glad. Squirrel season will start in a few day and bow season start the following tuesday so ive been busy preparing for both of those. I recently purchased a 17hmr and thought i might use it this weekend to squirrel hunt a bit. I put a scope that use to be on my 308win so the scope is a bit overkill. Now i sighted it in and was wanting to do some real world testing on it so when my buddies jeremy and rocky called and said lets go coon hunting i couldn't think of a better way to test it. We turned the dog (Ractchet) loose about 9 or so that night and it wasnt long before he had one treed. Well rocky was the first one to spot it so by "Hunting Law" as he called he was the one who got to shoot first. Well his old 12ga dispatched that coon rarther quickly and Ratchet was off on the trail of another. He treed 4 moore that we werent able to seen because the trees are still so lush with foleage it just made it near impossible to see. Well the night went on and the coons started moving better. We were making our way to where Ratchet had treed another when the lights on top of Jeremy's ranger a big coon right in the face i the middle of the corn field. So we hurried over to where ratchet was and again the trees were just too thick so we grabbed him up and sruck out to where we saw the coon in the feild. The coon had already made it to the tree line but was looking through a fork in the tree at us as wee approached. Well once we got close to the tree we quickly realized that we were gonna have the same problem as before so i decided to go back out into the feild to see it was still there. Once i gort about 60 yards of so from the tree i could see where he was peaking through the fork. jeremy and rocky walk out to where i was to hold the lights him. All i could see was the top left part of his head from his ear to just below the eye socket. Well turns of the 4x16x44mm sightmark scope i put on the 17hmr wasnt that overkill afterall. The bullet entered through the eye socket and exited the skull. My buddy Jeremy yelled out "COONS EYE!!!" Me and Rocky laughed our heads him. Overall it was a great time and a great hunt, so great that we are going again saturday night.


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Posted: 9/27/2013

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way to get on them!
Posted: 9/26/2013

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Sounds like a great hunt!! Congrats, and good luck this coming weekend for deer season!

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