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The Clay Bell Hunt

Well this will most likely be my last post about waterfowl for the year and i must say its a great one to end the season on. This is a hunt me and some friends purchased through a fund raiser auction for the local school. It is a very sought after hunt and usually sells for a pretty penny. Its call the Clay Bell hunt after the original owner of the property Clay Bell sr, When it first started it was just a lowley farmer donating the only thing he had, a hunt on a 40 acre block in the middle of what is now Whiting Break. Ducks were always abundant in the late season especially when the water was higher than usual. The first group to go on it were a group of hardcore "oldschool" water fowlers by the name robert "Hot" oinion, Jessie "Rat" Brower and Max "Rose Bush" Long. NOt real sure how the all aquired there nick names but i am fortunate enough to know and have learned most of what i know of duck hunting from them. Now keep in mind that this is before all the federal and state regulations were actuallt taken seriously about duck hunting. Those three men killed 173 ducks before lunch time. Today you could still kill that many with out the federal and state laws of coarse.

Now Clay Bell III has it and the property is no longer in cultivation. Sometime around the early 80s his father had the great idea to dam off the end of the break, which was pure money making and duck slaying genius. Now the water never drops below 5ft deep and during the winter it can reach 20ft deep. As off sunday morning the water was 13ft deep. OH and the blind is only 12ft off the ground. Well sunday morning was our best hunt of the year with a mixed bag of twenty ducks for 4 hunters. We shot everything from mallards, wigeons, teal, ringnecks, and gadwalls. This hunt was more than just a good shoot as i was told it would be by Robert "Hot " Pinion himself. He said " I dont know what it is about that place, it just bring a group of hunters together better than any other place i've ever hunted and it'll to the same to y'all" and it did. There really is something about that blind. Best hunt i have had in years.


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