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Well I hit the woods this afternoon and I wasn''t alone, I my girlfriends little brother Caleb with. It''s been a while since he and I have hunted together and with the bucks starting to do skittle late rutting I figured it would be good day for it.

Caleb set up along a tree line that borders a wheat field and saw 8 does and a 4 pt so he had a great afternoon.

I took my bow this afternoon and went to one of my favorite spots. I took some calls with me which included my bone collector grunt call and my set of real rattling horns. Real antler is all I will use to me u just can''t imitate real antler. After settling in and doing a little grunting I hit the horns and it wasn''t long before I had buck come charging in. It was a 7pt that I have seen for the past 3 seasons and he is def on my hit list as a much needed cull. Unfortunately he wouldn''t give me a shot and the only other deer I saw we''re 4 doe. All in all it was a great afternoon with a good friend and still one more day of hunting to go.

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