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Open discussion for small game, predators and trapping.


Started On 11/10/2012
snaring deer
has anyone snared a whitetail before and if you have or heard of anyone who has how did they do it

Last post on 9/16/2014 by CindyKempl
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Started On 1/30/2010
Anybody killed any yet? One tough animal to kill they are very smart and can see well.

Last post on 1/17/2013 by wernzy
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Started On 10/25/2010
If anyone wants an awesome experience check out this website. we are one of the fewer people that run coyotes with hounds. if you have a bunch of guys that want to pitch in and have a blast in a weeke...

Last post on 10/25/2010 by farmboy19
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Started On 12/20/2009
hog hunts
Anybody who wants to go deer or hog hunting give me a call im charging 55.00 a hunt per person per day booking hunts now call me 5803052984 i live in Frederick Oklahoma west of Lawton

Last post on 6/14/2010 by trinajd
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Started On 7/8/2009
Squirrel hunting
It`s been a long time since I`ve squirrel hunted, even though it`s what I cut my teeth on as a hunter. I always had an interest in hunting, but as a poor inner-city kid, I had no one to take me, never...

Last post on 10/18/2009 by hunter480
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Started On 10/11/2009
trapping supplies
For anyone who is interested I have a website that sells trapping supplies to guys on a budget including the Yancy DP Coon Trap.

Last post on 10/12/2009 by Huntsleepfish
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Started On 7/10/2009
Cleaning a turtle
Anyone have any experience cleaning and skinning a turtle? I`ve had turtle meat, and it`s very good eating. I`ve caught enough of them while fishing, I want to become proficient at making them ready t...

Last post on 8/21/2009 by DuckBuckGoose
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