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while hunting elk & deer in central Idaho (Clayton) i stumbled on a 3 point in a field. as i was creeping up on him my buddy was watching with bi-knocks he kept wondering why i didnt take the shot,,,,(wanted a good 1 stop shot) as i was taking another step he turned and looked in my direction,,,,oh crap i froze 1 foot in the air and a little off balance, but i held, then he started to move and i thought my shot was gone then he seen me and bolted just as i fired. I hit him behind the right front quarter, and he tok off as well as i did,, i rounded the hay stack and shot just as he jumped to hide behind the brush.
my friend said he was never going to piss me off with a gun in my hand and try to run. Pics will be posted

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Posted: 9/14/2009

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Hey lekelso!

Sounds like a great hunt! Good stuff man. I got a kick out of your buddy's quote too. Thanks for sharing. Let's see those pics!

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