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1st yr with a bow since i was 17

Been out hunting since the 5 of sept.That week was the worst. Now i know what hitting a twig sounds like. It was 0 dark 30am we was pulling into our hunt area and 3 big bucks came right out of the corn field in front of us. we're still in the truck, they stopped we stopped and they just stood there while we got out and got loaded, looking through my sight i couldnt make out even the closest one.

We had to wait. they moved off to the empty lake bed we decided we could catch them on the far side at sun up. when the sun came up we got out and and seen the most beautiful sight i have ever seen 2 5 point white tails standing in a clearing in the lake bed eating. the wind was in our face, and we decided to drop down the rock bank and come at him from the left.

As we worked our way down our spotter said they had moved to the right about 10 yrds, and i could see him. when i dropped down behind the trees i knew he was only about 40 yrds in front of me, my mistake, i had misjudged the distance, and he was right in front of me at 15 yrds.

nothing i could do but take the shot. and i did. soon as i released i heard what every bow hunter dreads, twang,,,,,, a small limb that wasnt visible. Needless to say the big white tails were gone.

a few weeks later we went to the same spot, i was working the edge of the lake while my buddy was doing the willows, when i spotted 2 does standing 8 yrds in front of me, i could only see their heads, then a nice 4 point came out and was broad side to me i moved my sights to the right about 10 degrees and let loose, good hit he jumped and fell 2 times and he was done a whole 10 yrds from the shot.Im trying to get another arrow loaded as the does just went about 15 yrds and stopped to see the action, once i had the arrow ready i moved a bit closer, and as they turned to leave i let loose with another shot. I just knew i had missed. she just kept going like nothing was wrong.

My friend working the willows heard the racket and came up from the far side and fell right onto my downed doe. i still cant believe i took 2 in less then 15 min from the same spot.

Im hoping this year goes as well, we dont have alot of bow hunters in this area so it should be pretty easy. i know i have to practice nocking an arrow quickly. but all in all not a bad day of hunting.

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Posted: 5/13/2011

Trophy Room
+1 for the pics!!!
Posted: 5/12/2011

Trophy Room
Congrats on the success!! Where are the pics man?

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