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The Incredible Buck This buck wasn’t incredible in size, for he was a basket racked 6pt. Some of my favorite places to hunt are fields bordering clear-cuts. Most of these areas I would only have permission to hunt the field or the clear-cut, but fortunately I had gained permission for both sides of the fence in this area. The front edge of these properties was a dirt road and the back edge was the property line for a wooded 800 acre hunting club. It was a little ove

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Added a few pics of my hunting arsenal today, included are pictures of my 7mmBR 15" barrel = 1" group @ 100yrd on a bad day, Rem 6.8mm SPC = 14" barre...
Memories of My Big Buck
As with many other hunters, deer hunting has provided me with some of the most memorable moments of my life. During my second year of deer hunting I ...

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liberty center, OH
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Cincinnati, OH
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Maineville, OH
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This year 12 because I am part of some controlled bow hunts, we can still only take 1 buck state wide though, but 11 does is a lot!!!!

evilbeliever, 10/19/2009 10:29am
That's cool, I would have to imagine you would need a lot of time for moose, I would expect GA to offer better opportunities as well. Here is Ohio we have way too many deer, now I just need to get a couple :-)

evilbeliever, 10/19/2009 9:17am
Moved here in 2000, actually done very little hunting since we've been here, but the itch is starting to kick back in. (BAD) Saw a nice 8pt behind the house last year, I never hunted it, for I was hoping my wife would get the opportunity to take it. She put in some serious hours but she couldn't get lucky enogh to be in the righte place at the right time. Hunting here is tough, Gun season you get 1 tag, if you Muzzle load it cost another $16 and you don't get another tag. Hoping to go to Ga. the week after Thanksgiving to hunt. With the population down there the chances are alot better. Haven't put in for the Moose lotter, if I got lucky and was eligable for a tag I would have time to scout properly.

katzrat1, 10/19/2009 8:22am
What are you after up there, I never hunted NH when I lived up there, but I heard whitetail is tough. Have you put in for any of the Moose lotteries?

evilbeliever, 10/18/2009 9:43pm
Thank you for the welcomes, I love haveing this site to jot down the memories that fill my head and heart.

katzrat1, 10/11/2009 11:25pm
Just wanted to welcome you to PHJ. I think you'll enjoy all the features this site has to offer. I encourage you to start your journal. It's a great way to keep your hunts logged for future references. Also to share your adventures with fellow hunters. You can keep whatever info you want private, like maps or gps coordinates.

If you get a chance check out my journal, I've kept a written journal of previous years hunts, and I've been logging them in here at PHJ.

Again welcome!


allflockedup, 10/11/2009 6:49pm

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