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good season so far!! went out the first Saturday here in Maryland's archery season for the evening hunt. I was showing a lot of does on trail cam and intended to put one in the freezer and about 6:45 they came thru, put a muzzy thru the biggest ones heart at 12 yds n she piled up thirty yds away. I still had about an hour of light left so I knocked another arrow. as I sat thinking about what had just gone down not five minutes later I hear I stick crack behind me, as
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couldn't download fllash player on my phone but got pic on my profile from facebook that's my 8 I wrote about on my journal entry.

jrodnum2, 10/25/2011 7:11pm
guess this stupid "smart" phone isn't that smart, or maybe its the operator. been trying to get pics of my big 8 posted and can't figure it out. grrr.

jrodnum2, 10/17/2011 10:12pm
Oh yeah and the seven point is a city deer got him in White Marsh, MD. One of my bow only spots. I love that place, i can hunt there after rifle season and these deer don't even know what a gunshot sounds like! Awsome!!!

jrodnum2, 12/24/2010 12:02pm
ok that was a challenge, but i got em up.... the seven point with the tall rack is from last saturday with my matthews. The smaller racked six is somebodys grandad, this one is by far the oldest deer i have ever shot, got him with the 300 win mag first thursday of rifle here in Maryland.

jrodnum2, 12/24/2010 11:59am
well i have been spending my time in the woods here lately its been a little cold, but my time has seemed to pay off! Shot two mature bucks this month, one with my 300 win mag first thurs. of rifle season, and the other this past saturday with my bow at fifteen yards... thats what im talkin about. I'm going to try n figure out how to load some pics.

jrodnum2, 12/24/2010 11:38am
Wow, definitely sounds nice. Especially no pressure out there, the big boys wont even know what hit em. I may be getting in touch with someone to hunt westminster as well, not sure if thats Carrol County or not, but the land out there is really nice.

As for Martinsburg WVA, I am equally as jealous. Sounds perfect. I have yet to get a gobbler, taking this sport 1 animal at a time. I normally gun hunt, but got into bow hunting this year and really having a blast. Turkeys are next though. Still havent brought any deer down, saw a few bucks on saturday morning, but i spooked him at full draw, sadly. Anyway, good luck out there.

243hunter, 10/26/2010 3:49pm

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