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GEAR TEST: X-Factor Outdoors Dampening System

Jim Stiltner (Swift2Hunt) - PHJ FieldStaff - Pinnacle, NC

In today’s world of archery, super-fast, hard-hitting bows are what it’s all about. But as with most equipment choices in hunting there are tradeoffs…when you add something it generally takes away from something else.  For example, along with increased bow speed and energy you also tend to get more noise and vibration.  Now the question is, do you really have to sacrifice one in order to get the other? Maybe not.  Let me explain…

A few months back I was helping my local archery shop at a trade show in Greensboro, North Carolina. As is typical with these show, everybody seems to have the answer to what you need to be a more successful hunter. Well it just so happened that one individual did stand out from the crowd and has an answer that could help me do just that. While at the show, Todd Williams owner/operator of X-Factor Outdoors introduced himself and his product - a bow silencing system consisting of a flexible stabilizer, string factors and limb factors. As he explained his system I was thinking to myself “I’ve tried so many of these systems, what makes yours any different?” And as if he were reading my mind, Todd began to tell me how his string silencers alone would make my bow quieter.
And how they would last forever.  A lot of companies make big claims, but I was impressed when Todd backed up his bold statement with a lifetime guarantee on the string factors.  With that being said I was sold.  Simply because, as much as I shoot my bow, I go thru accessories like candy…especially string silencers.  So, by switching to X-Factor, if they worked as promised, I would finally be getting my moneys worth.


Well, after installing the string silencers on bow, I noticed a big difference right away. My already quiet shooting Bowtech Admiral was now deadly silent.  I was happy with the noise dampening performance so far.  Next would come the durability test. With the energy stored in the bows I shoot, “stock” string silencers usually don’t last me more than 50—75 shots without a rip or tear, or some of the “fingers” getting cut off.  But after about 3 days of intense shooting or 500-600 shots later, the X-Factors were still intact and just like new. So now my question was, if the string factors are that good, what might using their whole system do for my bow?  


I called Todd and explained to him how impressed and happy I was with his product and said I wanted to try the whole system — which included the limb dampeners and the stabilizer dampener.  He shipped it right out.  After receiving the stabilizer and limb factors I continued my testing and continued to be pleased with the performance I was seeing. 


After adding the whole system to my bow I really was seeing significantly reduced hand shock and noticeably tighter arrow groups. Plus, now my bow is shooting whisper quiet.  You always hear companies make those types of benefit claims, but X-Factor actually delivered.   

I want to disclose that  AFTER I tested the X-Factor Outdoors products, I joined their Pro-Staff — simply because I thought they had a great product and a solid company and management team that would be going places.  I have now installed their system on my Diamond Iceman and Bowtech 82nd Airborne.   Thousands of shots later the string factors are still going strong and my bows remain quieter and deadlier than ever. So the answer for me was yes, I can have a super-fast, hard-hitting bow without adding noise and vibration. I actually found a way around having to make a trade-off, at least this time. 

To see the complete line of X-Factor Outdoors products, visit


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