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First Ever Grouse Hunt

Belle and I got to go on or first ever grouse hunt up to Gladwin MI the other week. It was an amazing trip.

Our first afternoon out we had it was 70, sunny with 25 - 40 mph winds which made it difficult to find birds for my pup. We did manage to put up about 5 woodcock that afternoon, and I shot my first one, while my friend Chris shot 2.

The next day the weather was a lot more cooperative, it was only about 60 in the morning and overcast. We hunted the same location and put up about 18 woodcock, so a nice flight must have come through in the night. We both managed to limit that day, however at this point we had only seen 1 grouse which flushed before we even knew it was there.

That afternoon we moved to a new location, which proved out to be the secret grouse location we flushed 6 grouse that evening, but none presented us a shot what so ever. These grouse were spooky and low fliers that made a shot just impossible. Belle found 3 out of the 6, but they flushed on her well before we were ready!

On our last day which was only going to be a morning hunt, it was rainy and overcast, fortunately though the rain pushed through by 9 AM. We went back to the same area we flushed the 6 grouse the day before, not 50 yards from where we parked we flushed the first, but no shot again. We then hiked around for the next 3 hours with only 1 other flush in the distance. As we were heading back to the truck and only 100 yards away Belle went on point, and the grouse busted, we both shot, but missed. We thought well still a great way to end the hunt.

Not 10 seconds later after reloading our guns Belle pointed again not 10 yards from where that grouse flushed, and boom there goes another, this time I connected with my 20 gauge and brought it down!!!

That was a way to end the hunt!! Belle and I with our fist Grouse and Woodcock ever on our first trip in to MI to hunt, I will never forget this one.


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