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Filled the freezer

Well, I am one who has no shame is taking a smaller buck, and that is exactly what I did on this day. My freezer was empty, and my opportunities to hunt will be fewer come the next couple of months due to my son traveling the country for Lacrosse College Visits and Tourneys from California to Connecticut.

I set up my climber in a large sycamore tree literally over hanging the river bed, which was covered in deer tracks with many trails in front of me. I had only ever hunted this location one other time.

There was lots of deer movement about 30 mins before legal shooting light as the moon light off the river allowed me to see shadows, plus well they were quite loud as the leaves on the ground were real dry.

It was around 8:09 when I heard some loud crunching of leaves and I knew it was no squirrel. Sure enough this really cool young white faced buck shows up. I did not even hesitate on this, normally 99% of the time he would get a pass, this day was that 1% time.

He took a small detour off the trail that I did not expect, as they always seem to, and ended up presenting me a small window of a shot where a tree branch forked at 20 yards, I drew my PSE EVO and set the pin on the lungs and let my arrow fly!

It was a perfect shot, as I saw the arrow zip right through were I aim at. He jumped back the way he came and I heard him crash almost immediately. I took a deep breath and was just ecstatic about what just took place, I saw my lighted nock with the arrow buried into the ground. I sat down to catch my breath and not 10 mins later a nice doe came down the same path, with another arrow nocked, I hoped she would take the same route, but she didn't.

She actually came right under my stand and hung out underneath me for a couple mins only to go down into the river bed. I had too much cover below me to take a shot and no way to shoot behind me.

About 1 hour later I got down and checked my arrow, sure enough it was covered in bubbly blood telling me what I already knew a perfect lung shot!

I followed the blood trail for 30 yards and there he was! I thanked the deer for giving his life so I can eat healthy venison again this year.


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Posted: 11/13/2015

Trophy Room
Good luck out there Mossy and be safe during gun season!!!
Posted: 10/30/2015

Trophy Room
Perfect shot. Lungs and heart. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to opening day of gun season here in AL.

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