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Summer Bird work with Belle, and my daughter learning to shoot

Today I took Belle out for some summer bird work as it was only 60 degrees this morning here in the Cincy area. My daughter also decided to join us and took the pictures for me as well. It took one bumped bird before Belle settled down and began pointing like she normally does. I could tell she was a little too excited, as this was the first time she had been on birds in about 3 months. As usual she did not disappoint me with her skills at finding birds, holding point and retrieving.

After we were finished my daughter decided to try and shoot some clays. Today was her first day ever shooting a gun. While she did not break a clay, she really enjoyed herself and became comfortable shooting and wants to do it again!!! I can''t wait to take her back, and Belle and I can''t wait for hunting season either!!


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