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Three Simple Tips For Harvesting a Trophy Whitetail in High Pressure Areas

DuckBuckGoose - PHJ ProStaff Cincinnati, OH

I recently spoke with an experienced hunter and author at an outdoor expo who specializes in hunting trophy whitetails. Because he wasn’t beholden to any product companies or sponsors, I figured he’d be a great person to ask what the “must have” gear was that helped him succeed in the whitetail woods. He’s not a very commercial guy, and he doesn’t believe in using many of the products and techniques we commonly see highlighted in outdoor television. Buck in woods pictureBut after learning a little more about his deer hunting philosophy and looking at an impressive photo album of the many trophy whitetails he’d taken over the years – it was clear that his no frills philosophy worked VERY well for him. His response to my “must haves” question was immediate and simple. He recommended three things.

1. The first was a scent control type base layer and outer layer clothing system. He said of all the products that have made a significant difference in his success hunting “trophy” whitetails over the years, that this was hands down the most important innovation. He explained that, especially in today’s higher pressure, more “suburbanized” hunting areas, that eliminating your scent was the most important success factor in hunting mature deer. He also said that he never uses cover scents, because he believed they put mature deer in pressured hunting areas on edge rather than at ease. In his opinion, the best scent is no scent at all.

2. Secondly, he said “you have to have a weapon that can shoot completely through a mature deer” (be it a bow or firearm). He went on to explain that mature deer rarely present a perfect broadside or quartering away angle, and so you have to be equipped with the right weapon and knowledge of deer anatomy to be able to make a kill shot, even at less than desirable angles. I’m sure that this statement is one that can cause some spirited debate, but it was clear that this philosophy worked well for him.

3. Lastly he recommended a specific product called BlueStar Blood-Revealing Spray for tracking and recovering your buck. This product is an environmentally safe chemical spray that causes blood to become a bright florescent blue in the dark. He recommended that any deer hunter include this product in his pack, because it made tracking a deer easier to do after-dark than it ever has been in the light of day. I have not personally tried this product myself, but his enthusiasm for it was enough to convince me to give it a try this season.

Often times I believe the simplest answers are the best, so I appreciated hearing his straight-forward recommendations for harvesting a mature buck. I’ll be mindful to apply some of the “keep it simple” wisdom he shared while I’m in the whitetail woods this season, I hope it can help you too.



Posted 10/11/2009
I like this article It was very informing. will put the info to use this year.
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Joined: 10/8/2009
Posted 10/28/2009
Wow! I can't wait to try out the BlueStar Blood-Revealing Spray. Boy could we have used it this pass weekend. One of the guys on our deer lease (first year bow hunting) took a shot and we tracked the deer for about 200 yards (probably not the best of kill shots, to say the least). We started off with a great blood trail but then it just stopped. We looked for over 6 hours but never found this deer. I can't even begin to describe the mood of the deer camp that night. :( I only wish we would have had this unique blood-revealing spray. I'm going out right now to purchase some for opening weekend. I don't want another hunter on our lease to go through what this gentleman went through. I wonder if you can buy it at Academy, Cabela's, Dick's or Sportsman's Warehouse? I hope it's not a special order item. :(
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Joined: 10/27/2009
Posted 10/22/2010
I definetly agree witht the scent control base and outer layers. Also being a skilled shooter and having suffficient equipment is very important. However I am a firm believer in Tinks #69, I have had several bucks come to the scent and some being mature bucks. How and why could the scent of an estrous doe put a rutting buck on alert?
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Joined: 10/21/2010
Posted 12/7/2011
The no scent thing is a great idea in high pressure areas.
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Joined: 11/29/2011

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